Gerharz-Cappetta Funeral Home – Touches of the Lemont Community

When you talk with Tony Cappetta, he talks a lot about the “Culture of Lemont”. From the landscapers who make the surroundings at Gerharz-Cappetta breathtaking and beautiful, to the florist who takes care of families in time of need and beyond to the attorney who helps sort out the legal needs for families who’ve experienced loss or are pre-planning funeral services. As much as possible, all of these services are provided by the wonderful people and businesses in Lemont. “We’re proud of being part of this community and among the wonderful people of Lemont” states Tony. Adding “it’s the whole community”.

If we can be of help to you at time of need or pre-planning (with no obligation and no cost) please call us at 630-257-2123 or visit us at  Day or night, we’re here when you need us.

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