Gerharz-Cappetta Funeral Home, Lemont – A Faith Community

People in Lemont have a lot of faith. When you cross over the bridge, 5 steeples welcome you to this idyllic and historic community. At Gerharz-Cappetta Funeral home, our charming Frank Lloyd Wright styled home reside in the midst of those steeples and we provide service to all of the faith communities in our town. St. Alphonsus, St. Patrick’s, Saints Cyril & Methodius, Bethany Lutheran, St. Matthew Lutheran, and Lemont United Methodist. Pastor Glenn Bergmark, retired pastor of Bethany Lutheran has served as our Minister on Call, having served our community for decades.

Pastor Bergmark says this about Tony Cappetta, Over 40 active years of ministry and 10 more as a retired Pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church, I’ve presided at over hundreds of services at Gerharz-Cappetta Funeral Home.   I appreciate working with him because I know everything will be done in a highly professional way. Moreover, I’ve observed Tony with families and he’s a warm and passionate director and friend who exudes the real sense that he’ll move Heaven and Earth to do whatever a family would like to make their ceremony as special as he can. When you choose Tony to make your arrangements, you instantly know what a good choice you’ve made. Both Tony and this beautiful Funeral Home are very special.

For at-need service or pre-planning, please contact us at 630-257-2123 or  Tony Cappetta is here 24/7/365 to serve your needs.

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