The Chapel on the Hill in downtown Lemont with the beautiful flowers all around it.

A person who called on the phone had called Gerharz Cappetta Funeral Home to ask if we’re the beautiful Chapel on the Hill in Downtown Lemont with the beautiful flowers surrounding the beautiful old home. We assured her that we indeed are that place. She came to see us to discuss arrangements for a family member of hers. Upon entering she said, “Anyone who takes that much care of the outside of their property must do a pretty good job on the inside”.

Ours is a very unique chapel in the sense that it is a home; a vintage Frank Lloyd Wright replica that has been part of the Historic Lemont Downtown landscape at 501 State St. since 1917. The home has served as a Home for Funerals since 1949. Today, Tony Cappetta offers the same hospitality and comfort this beautiful home on the hill, surrounded by beautiful flowers, has been known for in Lemont. With ample street parking and close access, and surrounded by 5 steeples of local churches, Gerharz Cappetta Funeral Home offers the most comfortable and beautiful setting to celebrate the life of loved ones with families and friends.

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