The Privilege of serving your families. We’ll be with you every step of the way; helping.



“It’s important to me to be there for our families at the earliest possible time”. Even if that is 3:00 in the morning, it’s important to provide peace, guidance and comfort to a family that has experienced a loss. Gerharz Funeral Home will be there to meet you at your home, at the funeral home or wherever you need us to be. Being there every step of the way is vital. So many important decisions need to be made in a short time and at a very emotional time. Having someone you can rely on completely to arrange all of the dozens of details is the difference a family owned professional makes.

Whether your need is anticipated or sudden, Tony Cappetta is there to serve you 24/7/365. For at-need or pre-planned funeral arrangements contact Tony Cappetta at Gerharz-Cappetta Funeral Home at 630-257-2123 or

We’ll be with you from that point forward.

Reach Out to Gerharz-Cappetta:







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